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Vehicle Diagnostic Status Reports (DSRs)

An integrated, standardized diagnostic solution for real-time critical vehicle health, diagnostic, emissions and reset information.


Asset Verification, Vehicle Location & Battery Management

A real-time GPS-based vehicle location, premise and battery management solution for asset verification, vehicle location and inventory management.  Our simple, plug and play OBD module enables more efficient workflow for inventory tracking.

VINTEL Customized Solutions

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Instantly identify potential trade-in/arbitration issues before they become a problem!

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Our Markets


Instantly identify potential arbitration issues before they become a problem. You capture as much relevant vehicle information as possible at check-in, why not capture and record the diagnostic condition of each vehicle?

Automotive Solution Providers

VinLogx has established relationships with industry leading solutions providers.  Our “VINTEL Certified Providers” utilize the VINTEL platform to enhance their existing solutions and enable new solutions to be offered within the automotive industry.


Vintel’s platform offers 24/7, real-time access to any vehicle’s DNA for accurate authentication and location information of the entire financed inventory.  Accessing important real-time vehicle information reduces the floor plan lenders’ risk and minimizes “sales out of trust”.


Dealerships can utilize the VinTel Diagnostic Status Report (DSR) to instantly enhance the trade-in appraisal process by improving the accuracy of their trade-in offers, thus avoiding costly hidden problems or by finding hidden gems.


With VinTel Sync, dealerships can dynamically see where vehicles are located on the lot, and receive real-time vehicle information that is critical to the sales of the vehicles such as their prepped status, trouble codes, battery voltages, and fuel levels.


Real-time asset verification, lot location & battery monitoring alerts

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Who We Are

Our focus is the extraction and collection of vehicle diagnostics, vehicle presence, location ,  and internal telemetry through our secure, cloud-based platform providing value-added proprietary analytics and targeted solutions for a multitude of markets throughout a vehicle’s life.


Once our patent-pending module is inserted into the OBD port, it automatically collects the available telematics from the vehicle. This information is extracted, transmitted and stored in the VinTel platform in real-time.


As vehicle telematics are collected; compiling all the gathered information through raw and statistical probability modeling to enable end users to complete analytics related to the authentication/identity, performance, and history of vehicles throughout their entire lifecycle which usually consists of at least 6-7 major remarketing (or owner) events for every vehicle.


Our primary goal is to provide proprietary hardware and data services, which enable clients to gain access to comprehensive vehicle information that can be utilized in critical applications such as authentication, remarketing, sales, maintenance, inventory, performance assessment, and asset verification.  The open capabilities of the VINTEL platform allow clients or approved re-sellers to easily gain access to data, which resides within the VINTEL platform.  Resellers can even import desired data into their own database structures or applications for their clients.  This open accessibility to the data allows companies to expand their services or data coverage without having to invest in changing their existing ecosystems or invest heavily in developing their own single use hardware for OBD access.

An Ecosystem of Vehicle Information